Driving for Midwives 101

Driving for Midwives is the one class I wish my school offered  but doesn’t. I consider myself to be a normally cautious driver, but I wonder what will happen to me as I keep driving to births! I have heard incredible stories from some of my teachers about being pulled over for driving too fast to a birth they thought they might miss. More often than not, the cops are understanding and allow the midwife to continue or even give them an escort to the house. I have yet to meet a midwife who drives slowly and sanely to births (or anytime between!) and following a midwife in your car can be nigh impossible.

I feel like I’m missing out on some very important information here! I’ve heard a few stories, but what really are the tricks I need to know? I recently learned that Maine doesn’t collect tolls at 2 am, so that’s helpful. But I’m sure there must be a plethora of advice about how to avoid tickets, how to travel quickly but safely, and how to stay awake driving home at 5 am from a long birth the night before. Anyone have knowledge or tips they care to share?


6 responses to “Driving for Midwives 101

  1. from years of driving alone and with people in the middle of the night, I have three suggestions.
    1. Vitamin B-12 as found in several dietary supplements and energy drinks. Caffeine is for your average loser. b-12 is for warriors.
    2. Loud music that you kind of have to sing along to. Like Disney songs. and Melissa Etheridge.
    3. a pain in the neck… or back. If I drive without my super awesome cushion, I feel like dying after 20 minutes or so.

  2. I’m not yet a midwife, but fantasize about getting an old pizza delivery car top sign and just crossing out the word pizza, so people know I’m on my way to a human delivery ;)

    Then again, the internet makes ordering a sign like this a real consideration.. hmmm.

    Otherwise, I’m sure your nascar skills will come when the urgent-birth moment arrives.

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