Pit to Distress

I learned a new term today on Unnecesarean and it is terrifying: pit to distress. In short, this is a shockingly common practice in hospitals where OBs write orders to administer the highest possible dose of pitocin to a laboring mother in order to intentionally induce fetal distress and mandate a cesarean delivery.

Jill asks the questions, “OBs, do you still think women are choosing not to birth at your hospitals because Ricki Lake said homebirths are cool? Do you still think we are only out for a “good experience?”

I imagine that all of us who have openly questioned the practices of obstetricians in the U.S. have been hit with the same backlash. We must be selfish, irrational and motivated by our own personal satisfaction. We’ve been indoctrinated into a subculture of natural birth zealots and want to force pain on other women or just feel mighty and superior. We fetishize vaginal birth and attach magical powers to a so-called natural entrance to the world.

Nah. It’s stuff like “pit to distress” that made me run for the nearest freestanding birth center. If I had to do it all over again, I’d stay home.

You can find the full blog post here.