Do you know about Trans411? I didn’t until just a few days ago. It’s a listing of providers and services that are trans-friendly. It seems like a really great opportunity to list midwives, doulas, and other birthworkers who are already offering their services to non-gender conforming folks or who would like more visibility around the fact that their practice is trans-friendly. Doing a quick (but certainly not exhaustive) search on Trans411, I only found one birthworker listed, the fabulous and fantastic Chula Doula. I know from the interest expressed at the Full Spectrum Doula Network that there are lots more doulas currently working with or interested in working with trans and/or genderqueer clients. I also know of a few midwifery practices doing the same.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a plethora of birthwork serving trans clients all across the country and showing their support on Trans411? If you are a trans birthworker or a trans-friendly cisgender birth worker, consider making a profile listing on Trans411. Tell your friends and colleagues and ask them to make a profile if their practices are transfriendly. Find other ways to be visibly supportive on the internet and in person. Educate others. Let’s make it easier for all pregnant and birthing people to find the services they need.