On Passing the NARM

Hello folks! This is just a quick note to thank you everyone who has been rooting for me this whole time. I found out late last week that I passed the NARM!!!!

The next hurdle to get over is getting licensed in California. Just money and time at this point, barring anything completely unexpected.

Taking the NARM and Other News

Hello everyone! I am gearing up to take the NARM next week and am surfacing briefly from studying to say how excited I am to put more time and energy into this blog once I am done with that great big ol’ test.

I am also excited abut what will be appearing here! There will be reviews (including the classroom version of the Business of Being Born and the latest edition of Heart & Hands which I used to study for the NARM). There will be musings on the life of a new midwife. And perhaps it’s exciting of all, there will be a whole series of posts by my love (who also happens to be the herbologist at Worts + Cunning Apothecary) on herbalism and self care for the birth worker. Be excited, be very very excited!