On the Road Again

You might be wondering why Bloody Show has been so completely quiet recently? Partly, this is due to being a busy precepting student midwife who spends most of her waking hours attending appointments and births. Partly, it’s because the puppy is so darn cute (or because chasing him down to get him to stop chewing on things isn’t exactly conducive to writing blog posts). Partly, it’s because my current preceptorship isn’t working out the way I hoped and dreamed it would. After much soul searching, I’ve decided to move on to another one. In 2 weeks, we’re packing up and moving (again) to the greater Phoenix, AZ metro area, this time with a puppy in tow. Not sure exactly where we’re settling down, but I’m excited to be joining a hopping homebirth practice that I think is going to be a great fit for both me and A. Chances are, however, that I won’t be posting much more in the next few weeks as we start out on this next big journey.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to besides precepting:

  • Kristin Kali of Maia Midwifery started a discussion group about Gender and the Childbirth Professional (see her invitation in the comments of this post). I missed the first call because I was at a birth, but I made it to the second one last week. I felt like I was falling in love for the first time, looking at the beautiful faces of my fellow discussion groupers. Staring at my computer screen and seeing queers of all stripes discussing birthwork and gender? Amazing! It’s already been a really healing experience.
  • I’ve been loving Autostraddle’s new series, the Ani DiFranco Appreciation Club. By my standards, she’s one pretty kick-ass woman. Plus, as y’all already know,¬†she had a homebirth and has been using her experiences to promote homebirth in Ina May Gaskin’s new book Birth Matters and elsewhere.
  • After reading said book by Ina May Gaskin and experiencing a few complicated postpartum courses of care for some of our clients, I’ve begun doing a lot of thinking about how the dominant birth paradigm in the US fails women in the postpartum period in a myriad of ways. More to come on that later, likely.
  • Finally, I read Cara Muhlhahn‘s (you remember the midwife from the Business of Being Born, right?) book Labor of Love on a lark. Then Basil chewed up one of the corners and I had to pay the library a lot of money. Regardless, that book got me thinking a lot about midwives and ego, safety, the role it plays in births, and how it changes the experience of everyone involved. ¬†Again, I’ll have more to say about this later, too.

Mountains and Mountains of Things

Gold star to you if you get the Tracy Chapman reference.

I have a fantastic blog post in the works that is actually about what I say I write about – midwifery, race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability. It’s just that I am too distracted by the mountains of stuff in Cunningfolk Castle (yes, we live in a castle. There’s a beautiful little turret out front above our front door, hence the castle).

Right now there are 3 big piles of things – 1 pile to giveaway, 1 pile to store, and 1 pile to pack into boxes and cram into an itty bitty Honda Civic.

I am panicking a little less today. I figured out how incredibly cheap it will be to ship some of our clothes and books as well as our bikes via Amtrak. We don’t have to fit absolutely EVERYTHING into that tiny little thing. I am feeling fairly serene about it all at this point.

Which is to say I haven’t really had time to sort out my thoughts into more complicated blog posts yet. Be patient, it’s coming!

Meanwhile, this is where L. is enjoying a week camping with her family:

L. on vacation