Today we finished our last day of classes for the first semester of our second year. Two days of finals coming up and then I’m done, at least for a little bit. The only thing that lies between now and my full time preceptorship (more on that later, very exciting!) is a short semester and a fairly involved independent research paper (also more on that later) and a presentation to the local community. Barely more than 2 months left of my formal didactic training and it’s a little unnerving that we’ll be flying the nest so soon.

However, right now it’s finals, which is always stressful no matter how many years you’ve been doing this. And even if you’re not in school, you might need a bit of a smile. So I bring for your viewing enjoyment (drum roll please!) da da dum: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On! Always makes me laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’ll catch up with you all on the other side of finals.