Food Blogging at Worts + Cunning

Well looky that! I just posted my first guest post as a food blogger over at the completely fabulous Worts + Cunning Apothecary. Alexis is running a fabulous series called It’s Always Tea Time Somewhere! Knowing that it’s always tea time honestly is a big part of what’s getting me through midwifery school. Look forward to other delicious treats by me and other bloggers in the future.

You may also notice that my name changed. As part of a vow I made to the Goddess on Beltaine, I have adopted the name K. Heron for a year and a day. You may call me Heron. I’ve been thinking of switching over to using my real name for awhile now, and this feels appropriate. It’s not my given name nor the name most people know me by, but I certainly consider it to be my real name.

And yes, I’m getting back into blogging for Bloody Show. My apologies that it’s been such a long time since my last post. Look for more posts soon.



So when I’m not at school or at births, I work at a local birth supply company. Basically, I pack boxes for folks having homebirths, send supplies to midwives, and send of loads and loads of cloth diapers for families everywhere. The other day when I was at work, we received a gift from one of our suppliers. You know, it’s the holidays and all, so this type of thing makes sense. We received a big tin of Nestle’s chocolates. Oh the irony! I can’t get over a cloth diaper company that would send a tin of Nestle’s products to a birth supply company selling supplies to homebirths (many of whom are dedicated activists at that). Le sigh.

Food Deserts

My friend M.,  a Muslim living in Chicago, sent me this link to this incredible Chicago Public Radio story about inner city neighborhoods in Chicago (and just about every other city nationwide) with no access to fresh food where the only place to get any food is the local liquor store. This is fantastic commentary on the broad-based effect that lack of food (and I don’t count spicy Cheetos as food) has on a neighborhood. This radio clip also delves into the tensions between the (sometimes overlapping) Muslim and African American communities here and finding ways to creatively make strong, healthy, and healthful corner stores and corner store culture in neighborhoods like this one.

Listen here: City Room™ – Metro – Muslim Coalition Targets Arab-Run Stores in Food Deserts.

Also check out this music video by rapper Mickey Halsted called “Liquor Store.” It’s mentioned in the link above but is definitely worth checking out all on its own.

Also make sure to visit IMAN, the Inner City Muslim Action Network. They are doing absolutely fantastic work around food deserts in Chicago as well as tackling a host of other important issues.

Recipe Challenge

L. and I will be packing up our adorable bungalow by the sea into a small two-door car Honda and driving from LA to Portland, Maine in August. The most pressing thing on my mind (now that I’ve started giving away books) is how one earth are we going to eat the backlog of food in our pantry? Because I don’t really want to take any of it with me.

I love to cook. It’s a creative outlet for me and most of the time very relaxing. I love trying new recipes and nothing makes me happier than a house full of well-fed people. Which is also to say I may have stockpiled some ingredients with the plan for special recipes that never came to fruition.

It’s not all my fault. I did come home that one time to find 6 quart-sized mason jars full of various legumes, beans, and grains on my porch that one time. Well, perhaps it is my fault for keeping these jars from a mysterious donator, but oh well.

If you ever visit my kitchen, you will notice we have lots of jars. Lots and lots of mason jars filled with all sorts of wonderful things. Well, wonderful if you live in colder climates. L. and I moved from Seattle to LA and I kept buying beans and heavy grains, only to find that when it’s warm all the time, you never feel like eating chili or heavy soups. Yikes!

So, dear readers, here is my challenge to you. What are you favorite vegetarian recipes for the following five ingredients? Help me eat some of this food! Bonus points go to readers who suggest summery recipes to help me get rid of these heavy food items.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • lima beans
  • barley
  • adzuki beans
  • bran (wheat, oat, any kind of bran)
  • rye flour

Double bonus points for recipes that are not soup or bread (or soup and bread recipes if they are especially good or unusual).


Fast Food

I have been eating healthier and healthier since I left college, learning to listen to my body and give it food that makes it feel healthy and strong. Recently, I did a very intense and very good for me cleanse, have been radically changing my diet and lifestyle to feel happier and healthier, and have been practicing refusing food that I know is not good for me for the sole reason that it doesn’t make me feel good.

Today, L. and I made a bad decision. We decided we needed some french fries and went to In-N-Out and also got grilled cheeses (for those of you not familiar with In-N-Out, think cheese burger without the burger). It was very good, we had a great time eating it. And then as soon as we were both down, we turned to each other and just stared. Never again, we promised each other, our bellies feeling like rocks. L.’s nose had already started to run from the dairy. Ick. We felt awful.

“Kombucha,” L. said. “We need kombucha now.”

Needless to say, I don’t need any more evidence that eating fast food is bad for me. My tummy is still grumbling.

And so, I will leave with you a link to some Asparagus Pesto with Pasta, which is what I should have eaten instead.