Midwifery Care is Revolutionary


“Deciding that you’re going to have a baby with a midwife makes you a revolutionary. Just that decision alone. You have decided that you are not going to be a passive voyeur in the journey of pregnancy and of birth. That you are, as I tell my clients, deciding that you’re going to drive this car. You will invite other people to be in the car with you. Your midwife and your birth team will be sitting next to you with a map. When you decide that you’re going to have a baby with a midwife, you decide that you’re going to participate in the decisions that are made during your pregnancy.”

Inspiring and stirring words by Claudia Booker from the short film Midwives Address Health Disparities.

One response to “Midwifery Care is Revolutionary

  1. I scheduled this post a few days ago, and it seems particularly prescient to have posted right as Claudia Booker was one of the Midwives of Color Inner Council and Chair that just resigned en masse from MANA in protest by the way they and other midwives of color have been treated and disrespected by MANA as an organization. Booker resigned along with Jennie Joseph, Darnyee Blount, Ayesha Ibrahim, Michelle Peixino, and Jessica Roach It’s big news, things are shifting in very important ways, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that people seem to be sitting up and paying attention. So much love and respect to those incredible, brave, and groundbreaking midwives.

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