Breast Feeding and Choice Rhetoric

Simply brilliant. Eloquent.

I am so ready to be done with this trope that women who choose parenting, birth their babies, breastfeed, mother, etc. are doing anti-feminist work. That they are actively limiting the options of other women. That they are going backwards. Instead, choosing to birth your babies at home or without medical interventions, seeing the mother and fetus and then mother and baby as a single unit, and, Goddess-forbid, breastfeeding are all actively feminist choices that often take a lot of guts and determination to pull off. But I don’t say it nearly as well as the authors I linked to above. So go read their posts about it all.


3 responses to “Breast Feeding and Choice Rhetoric

  1. Thanks so much for the link! I don’t get called eloquent very often so I’m blushing a little bit.

    I think there is a real problem where the whole issues of respecting women’s individual choices vs. working to change the system are getting very intermingled in bad ways. How to fix that??

  2. It is a huge problem, you’re right. I think one of the most important things is to change the system so that there is actual choice. The Baby-Friendly Initiative is a crucial step in that. Right now, when we transfer clients to the hospital they by and large do not get excellent informed choice about their options – certainly not as good as they tend to get from us during a normal course of care at home. Stop the system of providing informed choice by strongly encouraging women to make a certain choice and I think we’ll have gone a long way towards really respecting women’s individual choices. Then, even if you make a choice I wouldn’t necessarily have made, I can feel good that it was actually your choice and not something you were coerced into.

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