Call for Submissions >> Liquid Gold: Black Mothers on Breastfeeding

Did y’all see this call for submissions for a book to be titled Liquid Gold: Black Mothers on Breastfeeding? Here’s some more info:

Mother’s Day 2011, two mama bloggers swarmed the internet with intimate and loving images of Black Women Breastfeeding. It’s powerful message, creating community and demanding space in the discourse of maternal and child wellness specific to Black women. These images were shared in hopes to encourage and validate our choice as Black mothers to parent our babies as we choose. Something that was once legacy and inherent to Black culture has thus become such a revolutionary act.

And also this:

This book/anthology will be an extension of the viral Brown Mamas Breastfeeding Project. We aim to create discourse on Black women and breastfeeding, to display how breastfeeding is a part of our culture and legacy, to examine the social, emotional, and physical barriers to breastfeeding, to exhibit examples of perseverance when the breastfeeding gets tough, and to provide tips on how to maintain the breastfeeding relationship if you and baby are separated, while simultaneously sharing stories, images and creative works of and by real breastfeeding, Black mamas.

Submissions are due August 1, 2011. Get writing! Complete information and submission guidelines can be found here or here.


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