New Beginnings and Future Plans

Congratulations to Amanda Soule from SouleMama and her family on their newest addition, Annabel and yet another beautiful homebirth. Whenever I read SouleMama I can’t help but get a hankering for the day when I will have a happy and creative gaggle of my own children with whom I can craft, learn, and live an exquisitely beautiful life. It’s impossible not to. However, I have to admit that my dream future looks like a combination of SouleMama’s Maine craftiness and the life of a handsome baba out in Bay area as chronicled at Lesbian Dad. Can’t you imagine it now? It would be beautiful.

All of that said, I can’t imagine having the time to be that organized about my life let alone the time or money to start a family in the foreseeable future. That’s why I’ve hatched my new master plan of “borrowing” my friends’ children when the need strikes me. I know they won’t mind. Plus, I’m not sure they have any choice in the matter.


2 responses to “New Beginnings and Future Plans

  1. Those are two of My favorite sites! I have two adopted boys and am saving for TTC. My life is the more chaotic, less attractive version of theirs. Lol

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