Access Intimacy: The Missing Link (via Leaving Evidence)

Mia Mingus gives a name to a set of experiences in my life that I didn’t know could have a name. This is a beautiful, brave, and painfully honest piece about Mingus’ experiences with access intimacy. She says it much better than I ever could – make sure you make time for yourself to read her blog post and soak up her eloquent words.

Access Intimacy: The Missing Link There are many ways to describe intimacy.  For example, there’s physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, intellectual, political, familial or sexual intimacy.  But, as a physically disabled woman, there is another kind of intimacy I have been struggling to name and describe, what I have been calling “access intimacy.” I have begun using the term loosely and am still realizing different aspects of it.  This is in no way a complete describing of it, … Read More

via Leaving Evidence

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