Austin, TX

My didactic studies are Birthwise are completed for the time being, and I have packed up my whole life in Maine and moved down to Austin, TX to precept with a beautiful homebirth practice down here. So far, A. and I are loving the city and busy settling into a charming apartment next to an even more charming park. I jumped into my preceptorship head first and have been working hard to get acclimated to the practice and what it is like to work with different midwives. I am both learning an incredible amount and realizing just how much I learned at my 8-month clinical placement back in Maine. It’s overwhelming.

To add icing to the cake, I just returned from volunteering for three days at the Association of Texas Midwives Conference which was held in Austin this year. I got to meet a lot of local Texas midwives and a fair number of students. Walking away from this conference, I feel even more excited and fired up about midwifery than I was before. The ideas are pouring forth from my brain. So much to do, but so little time!

I have lots of thoughts swirling in my brain and posts in the works. I want to write more about the conference, finally touch on what being a butch midwife means to me, and talk more about my plans for the future! I’ll keep you posted, just as soon as I have a second to catch my breath. Until then, howdy y’all.


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