Anti-Choice Legislation and Birth Work

Perez over at Radical Doula just wrote a post I think all birth workers need to read. The connection between abortion and birth work is one I’ve seen for awhile, but is so important right now with the Republican attempts to severely limit access to abortions.

But I realize that folks who read this blog may think that the reason I care about this legislation is because I work with women having abortions. What we often don’t talk about is how legislation that attempts to restrict abortion by emphasizing the “rights” of the fetus (or, as Lynn Paltrow want us to call it, fetal separatism) have big impacts on the rights of pregnant women who actually carry their pregnancies to term.

That’s right: anti-choice laws don’t just impact women seeking abortions, they impact birthing women as well.

Read the whole post here: Why birth activists should care about anti-abortion laws.


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