‘No Easy Decision’ Special | MTV

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch MTV’s special on teens choosing abortion. It was surprisingly balanced and fair, focusing in on how there are no easy decisions when it comes to teen pregnancy. I think it’s well worth the watch, find it here: ‘No Easy Decision’ Special | MTV.

I hope in my practice to combine my midwifery training with my time working with teens at Planned Parenthood to provide a kind and caring resource to teens making these tough decisions, regardless of whether they choose abortion, adoption, or parenting. And for those teens for whom homebirth is the right option, I hope to be able to offer absolutely top notch care.


One response to “‘No Easy Decision’ Special | MTV

  1. I too watched this special and was very impressed with how balanced it was. I was proud of these kids for their thoughtful fact gathering. I also think it showed the reality of abortion- that it can provide relief and is a sensible choice for many women facing unexpected or unintended pregnancies. I wish that there would have been more of an emphasis on birth control at the end of the program though.

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