Taking Flight: Yuri Kochiyama and Angela Davis

Hey everybody. There’s a new documentary about two of my biggest heros ever. It’s called Mountains that Take Wing and I absolutely can’t wait to see it! Do you know about these two incredible activists? You need to if you don’t already. I had the incredible privilege of seeing Angela Davis speak in Tacoma a few years back and it was nothing short of life changing. What I learned during that one speech has informed a lot of my activism and changed and deepened the way I think about social justice. I haven’t seen Yuri Kochiyama in person, but I did live for two years in the same town where she was born, San Pedro, California. Because I know you’re as excited as I am, here’s the trailer!


2 responses to “Taking Flight: Yuri Kochiyama and Angela Davis

    • Glad to be of service!

      Although in the practice I’m working with now, we’ve started to call it “birthday surprise” instead of “bloody show” depending on the couple. I like the idea of birthday surprise, but it just doesn’t have the same ring for a blog title that bloody show does, don’t you think?

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