Jumping in with Both Feet

And we’re back to another school year, my last year of classes in midwifery school incidentally. I’ll be taking classes until mid-March and then it’s off to an apprenticeship in some fabulous as-yet-unknown far off place. So far, busy is an adjective that is too mild to describe my past few weeks.

I returned from a fabulous, much anticipated and much needed vacation to a visit from my incredible sister, R. We had a fantastic time, and then school started right in the middle of things. Right now I have school, work, my clinical rotation, and a new Hypnobirthing class I have just begun sitting in on. Next, I need to add some volunteer hours and I should be well on my way to a full schedule.

I’m feeling good and happy about this new year. More confident as a person and as a student midwife, and like a sponge ready to suck up all of this new knowledge. Last year gave me an excellent foundation to stand on and now we’re adding building blocks to everything. While I felt like I struggled to memorize basic concepts and timelines (what week is it that the eyelids unfuse, the fingerprints form, the heart starts to beat, I asked myself again and again) during last fall, this year I feel like I am moving ahead leaps and bounds in terms of being able to understand, process, and put to use information. It feels good and very exciting.


One response to “Jumping in with Both Feet

  1. How exciting! I love having opportunities to apply new midwifery knowledge. It really does help to “cement” concepts and skills in your mind, heart, and hands. Good luck on your last year!

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