Call for Submissions: Transpregnancy and Conception

So so so excited about this! Stephanie Brill is calling for submissions for a book on Transpregnancy and Conception. From the MAIA Midwifery Website:

Call for Submissions!
Stephanie Brill is currently calling for submissions for a book about transpregnancy/conception. This book will ilnclude:
• using transwomen as donors
• transmale pregnancies
• transmale partners of biowomen
• transmen/transwomen parenting together
Please send submissions to:

HT to Doula Right Thing for this info.


2 responses to “Call for Submissions: Transpregnancy and Conception

  1. Hey there! I am a lesbian married to a FTM in the process of transitioning. we have two adopted kids and are TTC next year (me, not him). Does this count or does one of us ACTUALLY have to be preggers already?

    • Amber, I think we have such a dearth of stories about families with trans members, you should absolutely write a piece and send it in to Stephanie Brill! Honestly, I think she’d be very interested in your story. And let us know if you get published!

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