Winding Down

So we are heading towards the end of my first year as a midwifery student. My last day of classes was last week, the last day of finals is next week. I had the honor to attend two births this week, my very first as a midwifery apprentice. I feel humbled and in awe, as is appropriate. I have also learned a TON over these past two weeks. It confirmed for me that this is absolutely the profession I want to make my life’s work. And just the chance to observe the two midwives I am working with taught me so much about how to midwife a birth. Not to mention it makes everything we are learning in class so much more real when you are actually doing it, hands on. I got to do things like be the supreme gofer, play with children, listen to fetal heart tones, and provide encouragement and kind words. I feel humbled and honored and blessed, emotions I expect to become very familiar with over the next couple of years. And I feel re-energized and fired up to keep learning. Now I just have to get through exams!

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