Where To Apprentice

Where to apprentice? It’s on all of our minds these days at Birthwise. We have a presentation to give tomorrow about a state or birth center we’ve researched as a possibility to apprentice at. Let’s not even start talking about where any of us want to land as midwives. And maybe I’m speaking out of turn – maybe my classmates aren’t as confused about this whole thing as I am, but I am supremely undecided as to where I want to end up. I feel like it’s my senior year in college all over again – when people ask me where I am going to be and what I will be doing there, I tell them the neat pat little lie I made up just for this exact occasion. And it’s not a lie so much as it’s one very neat and tidy version of one possible future I can forsee at this very moment. And it comes with a grain of salt: this offer answer is subject to change from moment to moment.

But look at this – the CDC wants to make my life easier!! Did you hear about their study, “Trends and Characteristics of Home and Other Out-of-Hospital Births in the United States, 1990-2006“? On a very basic level, it says that homebirth is on the rise. Which is fantastic news. But then it has these beautiful maps telling you exactly where. Which for any midwifery student is a big red arrow telling what places you should think about living (Vermont anyone?) and what places you should not even bother with (Nebraska, perhaps) if you want to make a living as a midwife. Of course, this is an over-simplified explanation, but this is for me an incredibly helpful guide. Check out the report, particularly figures 5 and 6.


3 responses to “Where To Apprentice

  1. I know that Virginia only recently (2005) made CPMs and DEMs legal so that would certainly account for the significant increase of *reported* homebirths here. From what I gather, there are several lay midwives who’ve been practicing in my end of Virginia for much longer than that :o)

    I believe that in Jennifer Block’s “Pushed” She talks about the legalization of midwifery in VA at the end of her book. It was pretty interesting.

  2. You’ll find the right place. Midwifery is your wyrd, so a way will open to you. I predict, however, that you will probably have the problem of too many ways opening and having to pick one :-)

  3. Yeah, come to Minneapolis. We have a crap-ton of people having home births here, good vegetarian/vegan/raw/gf options around, lots of political activism, LOTS of fabulous queer folk, and the best damn May Day celebration around.

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