Midwifery Wisdom

We have been having some incredible and not to be missed quotes flying around Birthwise lately. Too good to pass up and not share some of them with you.

Starting with “put your puss in the sun,”oft repeated advice on how to heal your perineum after receiving sutures, tears, skid marks, or an episiotomy.

My class was reminded earnestly today that “we’re on the fringe. I hope you all know that.” Just in case some of us weren’t paying attention.

Which I guess follows the next anecdote (and my personal favorite) which is to let you know that midwives are like pirates – we do hard and dirty work for very little pay, but at the end of the day we still get to tell people we’re midwives/pirates, which is really cool. Maybe I’ll just decide to be a pirate in the end – it was my first love after all.


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