Look What I Got for Yule!

A new yoni!


I am now the proud owner of a brand new Wondrous Vulva Puppet. My friend E. who is currently down in Peru happens to know the woman who makes these incredible puppets.

My personal new vulva comes complete with labia majora made out of a traditional Peruvian fabric, a beautiful pink rosebud where there urethra sits (complete with leaves of course), and very cleverly placed ridge of fabric inside the vaginal opening for the urethral sponge/G-spot.

What a great present for a midwifery student! I can’t wait to show her off to all of my friends.

6 responses to “Look What I Got for Yule!

  1. Hi K. Actually, I am the creator of the Wondrous Vulva Puppet and kanchay killa has ripped me off after I worked with her for 2 years setting up a fair trade co-op and sharing everything I’ve done over the past 20 years. For the record (and yes, I know this is an old post) see my website, houseochicks.com , please update your image to give me credit. Yes, it’s copyrighted and patented.

    • Dorrie,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea when I originally wrote this post. My link has been updated and the picture has been removed.

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