Maybe it’s because it’s Friday the 13th and everything feels a bit off lately, but today I am in such awe and the breadth and depth of the human experience.

Maria at A Mom is Born wonders what the world would be like if women knew how beautiful, amazing, powerful, and strong they were before going into labor.

And my thoughts are with Molly at Citizens for Midwifery and the news of her miscarriage. However, I am amazed at the beauty of her statement: “I was surprised to discover that some of the same feelings of empowerment were also present after a “natural home miscarriage” as with a natural home birth–I felt strong and brave and like “I did it myself!” as well as amazed at how well my body worked and knew what to do.”

I feel like I’m moving into a space where I need to be consciously more gracious with both myself and others. It’s just feeling like that time of year.


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