Mountains and Mountains of Things

Gold star to you if you get the Tracy Chapman reference.

I have a fantastic blog post in the works that is actually about what I say I write about – midwifery, race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability. It’s just that I am too distracted by the mountains of stuff in Cunningfolk Castle (yes, we live in a castle. There’s a beautiful little turret out front above our front door, hence the castle).

Right now there are 3 big piles of things – 1 pile to giveaway, 1 pile to store, and 1 pile to pack into boxes and cram into an itty bitty Honda Civic.

I am panicking a little less today. I figured out how incredibly cheap it will be to ship some of our clothes and books as well as our bikes via Amtrak. We don’t have to fit absolutely EVERYTHING into that tiny little thing. I am feeling fairly serene about it all at this point.

Which is to say I haven’t really had time to sort out my thoughts into more complicated blog posts yet. Be patient, it’s coming!

Meanwhile, this is where L. is enjoying a week camping with her family:

L. on vacation


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