Recipe Challenge

L. and I will be packing up our adorable bungalow by the sea into a small two-door car Honda and driving from LA to Portland, Maine in August. The most pressing thing on my mind (now that I’ve started giving away books) is how one earth are we going to eat the backlog of food in our pantry? Because I don’t really want to take any of it with me.

I love to cook. It’s a creative outlet for me and most of the time very relaxing. I love trying new recipes and nothing makes me happier than a house full of well-fed people. Which is also to say I may have stockpiled some ingredients with the plan for special recipes that never came to fruition.

It’s not all my fault. I did come home that one time to find 6 quart-sized mason jars full of various legumes, beans, and grains on my porch that one time. Well, perhaps it is my fault for keeping these jars from a mysterious donator, but oh well.

If you ever visit my kitchen, you will notice we have lots of jars. Lots and lots of mason jars filled with all sorts of wonderful things. Well, wonderful if you live in colder climates. L. and I moved from Seattle to LA and I kept buying beans and heavy grains, only to find that when it’s warm all the time, you never feel like eating chili or heavy soups. Yikes!

So, dear readers, here is my challenge to you. What are you favorite vegetarian recipes for the following five ingredients? Help me eat some of this food! Bonus points go to readers who suggest summery recipes to help me get rid of these heavy food items.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • lima beans
  • barley
  • adzuki beans
  • bran (wheat, oat, any kind of bran)
  • rye flour

Double bonus points for recipes that are not soup or bread (or soup and bread recipes if they are especially good or unusual).



2 responses to “Recipe Challenge

    • I’m thinking I’ll have plenty of opportunities to dig into a hearty soup again when I live in the cold, frozen North. Until then, I live by the ocean and it’s hot more often than not! How do you eat barley in that weather?

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