Speaking of Teen Mamas

Speaking of amazing teen mamas,  Stand and Deliver (one of my absolute favorite birth/health blogs) just posted an increbly moving and inspirational birth story about a teenager giving birth with family practice physician in a rural hospital.

This is why I want to work with teenagers. What an incredible honor to be part of providing this space that creates empowered, engaged young mothers?

“See, the thing about this kind of birth is that this mama had it in her to do it. All she needed was the space to do it in. She just needed folks around her to believe she could. It was not an easy birth, or a short birth, or an uncomplicated birth. It was ordinary and yet sacred, moving and extraordinary. Mostly, we just encouraged this young mama to do what felt right to her, and she took the powerful, primal energy of birth and used every bit of it to make it hers. Watching her, who’d seemed so young and vulnerable and needy, turn instead into someone powerful, and strong, and even commanding was an amazing thing. When she was hurting, she didn’t need me to rescue her or feel sympathetic, she just needed me to trust her and give her the space to keep going.”

Read the whole blog post here.


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